Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How busy is your Christmas season?

We have been busy, busy, busy around here....trying to get our cranberry muffins made for all the SAINTS coaches (I still have to get them packaged), took Hailey to her horseback riding lesson, went to the library, did some laundry, etc., etc. More I didn't list but you get the idea. Both days this week have been like that and I see no end in sight....too much to do before we have to leave for my parents' house next week. I have more gifts to wrap and possibly more to buy....have to check out what I have and make sure I didn't miss someone...I'm pretty sure I did. I need to pack...and figure out how we're going to take everything we'll need.

We are really looking forward to the trip though. We need to see some people we've been missing. I'm very excited that I'll get to see my brother and his family, whom we have not visited with since Emma was about 5 months old. Crazy! And now we have another baby girl for them to meet.

We decided not to put up a tree. I have mixed feelings about that. I have always loved Christmas and wrapping presents and at least decorating a little bit. Things have just been so crazy....and now we're so close to leaving, we decided we won't do it this time. I think next year we may stay home for Christmas and then we can really decorate. And of course we hope some family will come to see us here next year....

I need to go get a few things before we're ready for the cold weather in Alabama. Logan's jacket is too small, and Hailey's is too, so we're handing Logan's down to her and we'll buy a new one for him. I'm sure Corbin will need a new one too.....I've no idea where his is anyway, in a box somewhere. Emma got one that fits perfectly from our neighbor whose daughter is about 8 months older than her....along with about a zillion pieces of clothing that are too cute. She is set for winter....Autumn has plenty too. I have everything I need except some gloves, so I'll probably go to Target and hit their $1 section. Mmmmm, and maybe try to find some of those cute warm boots I never got in NY..and some for Emma and Hailey. We girls gotta have some cute boots for winter! I found gloves at Target for all the kids about a week ago. They're just cheap ones, but they should work for the short amount of time we'll need them...if we need them; the weather could be warm while we're there. Karl has hats, gloves, and a jacket so no need to buy him any gear.

I'm still trying to finish the novel I've been reading for about a month now....I still read pretty fast, just have much less time for reading fiction. Most of the reading I do these days is necessary...instructions, self-help, the bible, etc. Though those are still pleasurable. But I love to find a good series and read them all. Usually when I find an author I like I will read his or her books until I've been through all the titles the library has. Now, since discovering that I can request books from other branches (I know.....I must have been living in the dark ages!), I often put a book on hold and look forward to its arrival. If you have any great Christian authors you love, please recommend. I'd love to discover a new one!

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really.truly said...

Boots?? Love boots!! Good luck with your shopping :)