Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Depression....Tropical, that is

We have a tropical depression moving through here...started sometime yesterday. Fortunately there has not been any severe weather, at least not for us, but lots of rain. The sports class was cancelled due to flash flood watches, etc. so the kids are home. They have been reading old National Geographic kids magazines, collecting the animal cards that come in them, and quizzing me and each other about the various animals listed. I actually knew all of the bear facts...yay me! They have also played Webkinz this morning. It's just a lazy, rainy day.

I was able to get some more baby clothes put away and I finished packing my hospital bag. Hailey noted that "last time you got your bag ready it wasn't very long until you had the baby." She is correct. I told her I was getting it ready because it probably won't be too much longer and I need to have it ready to grab-n-go. I teased her that I'm just waiting on her to tell me when I'm gonna have the baby. With Emma, she said when I was tucking her in that night, "I think you're gonna have the baby tonight." And lo and behold.....I went in to the hospital during the wee hours that very next morning! So, she's become our prophetess....;) By the way, she said today, "I think you're gonna have the baby tonight or tomorrow night." So, we'll see what happens.

I also got the floor in the downstairs bathroom mopped...it is always the dirtiest because it's used the most....and yesterday I cleaned the shower because it was NASTY.

Nesting? Yes. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Update from Dr. visit...

Okay, after a loooonnngg wait at the office his morning I am finally back. Everything with the baby looks fine...I am dilated 1cm. Her heart rate is good, my blood pressure and weight are good (only gained 1 lb), but I am going to be having a c-section. After seeing the perinatologist last week and then talking with my OB this morning, we decided it is best. The baby is measuring at 7 lbs, but more than that her abdominal measurements are about two weeks ahead of where I actually am, so that is an indicator that shoulder dystocia could again be a problem. Not only would that be a nightmare for Karl and I (no desire to experience that again) it is a physician's nightmare as well. We want a nice, peaceful delivery....Obviously, there are risks with any type of delivery, but I am trusting in my God to see us through. I admit I am a bit fearful, just because it is unknown territory for me. But, I do also trust my doctors and I know things will be fine. Now, if we can just make sure Karl is here (and not in Miami!) when I need to go to the hospital, my worries will be minimal. ;}

Some 'me' time...

I love being up in the morning before everyone else (well, I DO wish I could sleep in)...listening to the pattering (stomping!) feet above me, as they all get up, one by one, and begin their day. I sit and eat my breakfast, read the blogs I regularly visit, check my email, and pray. It's kind of peaceful, and it's my 'me' time. I don't set the alarm so this doesn't happen every day, but I'm learning to cherish the days I awaken early and can't go back to sleep.

Today I have another OB appointment. I'm going weekly at this point, though it has been 10 days since I saw her last. It's supposed to be once a week. We will discuss my ultrasound results, c-section possibilities I'm sure, and just general pregnancy things. I'm planning to ask her about the logistics of the c-section, if I end up having one. Since I've never gone that route I know nothing about what happens, only what I've read. I expect it to just be a normal visit.

My parents are planning on coming to be here when I have the baby...hopefully they'll make it before her arrival. If not, I'm looking forward to having them here afterwards to visit. We have not seen them since April, which is a long time for us. We typically see them every 3 months or so, but I cancelled our trip 'home' over the summer due to difficulty traveling long distances. We were really bummed....and my parents had already planned to go out to CA to see my brother and his family for several weeks, so they weren't able to come here beforehand. Anyway, I'm excited about their coming visit, as are the kids. It will be nice to have extra helping hands as well as getting in the bonding time with everyone. ;) And I think, as long as things go well with me and the baby, that we will probably go to Alabama for a visit during the Christmas holidays. We're looking forward to seeing extended family then and introducing the newest addition

Well, my breakfast is done and my time is about up. I have to go get Emma up, feed her, give assignments to the kids, and get ready to go. I hope everyone has a great day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Saturday....

Today we had several places we wanted to visit, but of course only made it to some of them. We have been looking at a catalog of costumes as well as online...but we told the kids we were going to try a local store first because we thought the outfits would be cheaper, plus we could avoid the shipping charges. So, we went there first. We did find costumes for the three youngest. Logan decided he's creating his own costume this year with some things he has, so that saved us a bit of money...it was still expensive enough though. I picked up a long-sleeved Onesie for the baby last week at Target. It's orange and says "Daddy's under my spell.....". We'll just pair that with some little pants and she'll be set. I would have liked to get her a cute costume too but she'll still be so tiny....and the costumes start at 6m size anyway. Next year....

Corbin will be Darth Vader, Hailey an Indian Girl, and Emma a Pink Fairy. We'll post pictures of them in their costumes when the time comes, though Corbin has been wearing his all afternoon. He really still gets into dressing up, and I love it. ;) Logan is going to be a sort of mis-matched guy, wearing a jester's hat that he's had for a while. I thought that was actually a great idea, and a good use of his creativity.

We also went to the post office to mail a birthday gift to a friend of Hailey's and then to the library. We had movies due, and needed to pick up another week's supply of books as well.

The kids did play some video games for a short while today. Later, Corbin played some football outside with Dad, while Hailey and Logan read some books. Now, Karl is watching a football game, and Corbin is writing his 'book' while watching with his dad. Hailey is still reading...Logan is in his room, presumably reading or playing with his Legos. Emma has just finished her snack, so I need to take her outside for a while to play.

Until later.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some pics...for those who MUST see me ;)

Just remember........

.....it's been quite some time since my 'modeling' days!

An interesting blog...

I've been reading over a blog that a friend on Facebook linked to....and I agree with SO MUCH that the woman who writes says in her posts. I was just reading this one and had to post it here. So many times have I felt 'less than' because I am 'only' a mother. Hoping this can encourage others as it did me. And take time to look over the rest of the site...very interesting, enlightening reading.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The latest from the perinatologist....

Well, the ultrasound I was supposed to have on Friday was moved up to this afternoon due to scheduling issues. I actually called this morning because I had not heard from the office, and they told me today was the only time they could get me in. So, Karl did not get to go. :( He was planning to be there but he's working in Orlando today and there was no way he could have made it back in time for the appointment. Plus, the reason we were doing the u/s was to check baby size so we can make a decision regarding a c-section and we did not want to wait any longer. So, I went by myself. The baby still seems to be a girl...actually the technician said, "Oh, it's definitely a girl!" The bad news is she is measuring 2 weeks ahead (37 weeks) and is 7 lbs already. So, this makes us more likely to have a c-section. We just do not want to go through the trauma of another shoulder dystocia. I know it's possible that it may not happen, but having already experienced that once and now this baby is big....kind of indicates there could be a problem. I'm okay with having the c-section, as the doctors are strongly recommending it and I need to trust my doctors. It does make me nervous just because I've never given birth that way before, and I know it means I'll have to have an epidural (needle in my back, UUGGHH!). But the main thing that concerns me is that my labors move fairly quickly once my water breaks....and I don't want to get into a situation where we've made too much quick progress and can't really deliver by c-section. However, I do realize that God has given us this baby, He has seen us through all of the other pregnancies and deliveries, and I trust He will see us through this one as well. A lot of this depends on when I go into labor, too. Earlier and things are probably okay for a natural delivery. Later, and we need to do a c-section. Anyway, I'm trying not to worry myself too much over it. I go back to the perinatologist for another u/s October 5 to see if she still measures large.....if I have not gone in on my own by then. I also talked with my doctor last Friday about possibly doing an amniocentesis around October 8 to see if the lungs are mature, and if so then having the baby on or near the 11th.....things will become more concrete the closer we get. Another bonus is at least baby's little head will be round and beautiful. ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Learning time for me...

Today, while Emma napped, I did my usual....reading some homeschooling books. I keep finding new ones I haven't read yet at the new library branch we've been frequenting, so it's keeping me entertained and learning. However, there was a dress I got for Emma at Goodwill several weeks ago that was missing its buttons. I had been avoiding sewing them on...I'm not the most skilled at sewing, even simple things, so I typically avoid doing it by having Karl (the better sewer in the family) do it. Today I decided that if I am ever going to get better at it, it is going to take practice. I dug out the thread, a needle, and found two matching buttons and got to work. It took me longer than it probably would have taken Karl. My fingers are not that nimble since I don't sew often, but it didn't take too long....maybe 10-12 minutes. I'm proud of my accomplishment, even if it is something that is simple....it should be easy for me, my mom is a very skilled sewer after all, but since I never let her teach me as a kid I did not 'catch' her skills. Now that I'm out of the house and close proximity I am regretting my lack of interest then....now I must teach myself. :} Anyway, I did it, and I plan to try to take on more tiny projects like that just to improve my ability. No more pushing it off on Karl. I was supposed to try to sew a baby blanket before the baby arrives. Of course I have done nothing with that....there is still a little time but it is growing short. If I get motivated maybe I'll do it. I noticed they have kits for that at Joanne's Fabric. I would like to try to make some things as Christmas gifts this year..that was my plan when I got my machine last Christmas. Not a thing has come from that either....well, besides the little bags I made for Corbin and Hailey in the spring. If I don't get to work that won't happen either....it may have to wait until 2011. I'll have to brainstorm some simple ideas to see what I can come up with.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Music Makers...

One thing I forgot to mention that I found at Goodwill this week was a kids' keyboard....just a little one that has probably 25 keys and can be carried easily from room to room. We found one several years ago at a yard sale for $3 and it was a big hit. Unfortunately, it got dropped a few too many times and ended up falling apart. So, when I saw this pink one at the Goodwill, I had to get it. It was only $2.99 so I was willing to buy it not knowing if it worked. As I checked out the cashier told me to keep my receipt...electronics are exchangeable within 24 hours, so that made it even better. I got home with it, put in some batteries, and it worked. All of the kids wanted a turn, and they have each spent hours playing with it since then. They love making music and finding out what they can do with all the different keys and buttons....even Emma loves to sit down and play. I am planning to get out some of our piano books for them to use with it if they like. And as soon as Karl can get new casters on our piano we plan to bring that in so they can continue tinkering around on it. Eventually lessons are in store for everyone I think, but we've been waiting...first to get the piano from NY, now until we know where we'll be living. In the meantime, this keyboard has been a great entertainer...I'm so glad I invested the $3 once again!

Friday, September 17, 2010

More house-hunting

Yesterday we went to see another house, only this time it was locally, not in Miami. We decided to at least look here and see what we could find....turns out we can get a bit more house for the money here. The one yesterday was kind of funny because we really didn't expect to be wowed by it. The pool looked awesome though so we wanted to take a look. Well, let me just say, it is better than any others we've seen here or down south. It is not perfect...there are some cosmetic fixes that would need to take place, but overall it has all we were looking for, minus the large yard. So, we are considering making an offer. We have not completely decided yet, though. The pool area was better in person and the inside was nice. It seems to be set up well. The kitchen is way smaller than the one in our NY house...but then who has a kitchen that large? Anyone who ever saw it knows it was humongous and not your average kitchen. The one here is probably on the average to small side for what we've seen. Anyway, just wanted to fill you all in on what we're doing int hat area, an ask for continued prayers for us. Thanks a ton. ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My latest find....

Yesterday, while the older kids were at their sports class in the morning, Emma and I had some time to ourselves. We came home and played a bit and had a snack...she watched some of Sesame Street while eating. Then we decided to head out to Goodwill. I had a bag of clothing to donate and I wanted to look around as well. While in the store I found a bicycle seat...you know the kind that bolts onto the rear of your bicycle, for babies? We have one already but I knew we were going to need to get something for the new baby....because Emma will not be able to keep up with us on a bicycle of her own for quite a while yet. So, for $3.99 I got a second one and now Karl and I will each have a baby seat and child attached to our bikes. We have not gone biking at all since moving, well I haven't. Karl and the kids have gone a few times. Once the pregnancy is over and baby is big enough to sit in the seat, I'll be able to join in. There are a couple of larger parks in the area that might be good for bike rides, not to mention just going in the various neighborhoods. I'm looking forward to spring and getting out to do that....that's probably about when the baby will be ready to sit a little. I also got a few books for the kids and a Christmas night gown for Hailey while there. As always, I added to my stock of little girls' clothes because we'll be needing a lot with the two little ones running around. There are quite often some great outfits to be found. I picked up a very pretty Laura Ashley dress for Emma yesterday. So, a very productive shopping trip overall.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A beautiful morning...

It has become a regular thing for me to wake up around 6:30 every day. So, instead of fighting it, I usually get up and get my day started. Most days, I get to see the sun rise and it's a beautiful reminder of my Creator. While eating breakfast I will catch up on all of my cyber-things....Facebook, message boards, email. But one of the main things I've been trying to do is pray. I've kind of always been one to pray off and on throughout the day, but this is something that I'm really trying to focus on. Starting my day by saying, "Good morning, Lord." instead of "Good Lord, it's morning!" is important. (our pastor spoke on exactly that this weekend)It helps me to get a right heart and a great start to the day. I still have much work to do...God has not perfected me yet. Many days I get a good start and do not finish well. My goal is to be able to rely fully on Him for every moment....making those choices that are best, that He would have me do....in what I say, what I do, my attitude.

We've really been enjoying our church, and learning so much. I'm so thankful that we've been able to attend and be a part of the growth and learning that's taking place. The kids love it too...which is a HUGE thing. They've always enjoyed church, but it's so nice to hear them talking about what they're learning and who they're meeting, and having a desire to get involved with some of the activities there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

New life.....

My brother-in-law and his wife just welcomed their 2nd baby boy into the world today. I'm so excited! I wish I could be there to hold him but I guess that will have to wait until Thanksgiving (no traveling long distances for me now until our baby is born). Our newest will be here by then too, so we can just take turns trading off. :) He looks absolutely beautiful and peaceful, and I am told Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing well. I'm thankful for God's many blessings and miracles, and I cannot wait to meet this bundle of joy! Congratulations Jason, Kristen, and Charlie.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


An update on Emma's visit to the doctor.....

She was very happy the majority of the time, sitting or standing quietly near me while we were in the lobby. She enjoyed watching the other kids in the office. Once we got into the exam room, she was fine until the nurse came in. She did not enjoy having her temperature checked, her head measured, or her length taken, and let us know it! A great bonus today was that Emma is caught up on all of her shots, so she needs no immunizations until her 2-year visit in March. That made things easier. Her weight was 26.8 pounds and her height 33 inches. She's just a little bit above the norm for her age, which is strange because she just seems so tiny to us. ;) It was a pleasant visit, mostly, but I am glad she does not have to go back for a while. We will have plenty of trips to the office for the baby this fall without having to take the other kids for well-visits. Hopefully they will stay well and not need to go for anything.

Early morning ramblings...

I'm up early today...actually, it seems to be becoming the norm. I guess my body is preparing for the baby's arrival. ;) I am eating breakfast while looking out our window over the lake, just glimpsing some pink on the horizon. The sun will rise soon and I know it will be beautiful.

I am planning to get my bag ready today. It should still be a little while before I will need it, but it's something that's been nagging at me and if I just do it I can relax about it. Yesterday I did some 'nesting' by getting the baby clothes hung up, finding the ones that had been missing (they were in Corbin's closet), and doing a little bit of cleaning. Since Karl was off it was easy to get to those things I haven't had time for. I still have more to do, and I want to get some meals in the freezer. I'm hoping I can plan for that sometime today and get some shopping done this week so we can begin.

Emma has her 18-month visit with the doctor today. She'll need more immunizations, have her height and weight checked, etc. Hopefully it will be a quick visit. I'll post here again when I get all her stats.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A day with family, and football

Today we went a bit north to spend some time with Karl's parents. We hung out a bit, Karl cooked burgers on the grill, then Emma went down for her nap. While she napped, I read and the rest of them went next door to swim in the neighbor's pool. I think they had fun....they said the water was nice and cool. I ended up dozing off and on too while they were gone. ;) When Emma woke up it was snack time...she actually had more of a meal-type snack because she barely ate her lunch, but the rest of us had pound cake and ice cream...pretty yummy. We ended up packing up our stuff and leaving around 5:15 p.m. Karl had to get back home to watch the first Auburn game of the season, plus we needed to have Emma home in time for bed. Once I fed her and got her tucked in, the rest of us munched on chicken fingers and chips with dip...typical football game fare. Logan enjoys the game with his dad, but the other two really just watch to get the snacks...then they're off to do other things. They are now in bed, and Karl and Logan are watching the game and discussing the plays, etc. I will be reading about homeschooling...my usual obsession.