Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun with Mac

We got a new computer last weekend, a Mac this time. Karl has played around with it a bit, hence my new Facebook profile picture. ;) Anyway, tonight he was taking different photos of the kids, but there is apparently a feature that allows him to distort the photos. Boy, did they get some funny shots! They've been having a blast with it for the last 30-45 minutes. I love hearing them laughing and enjoying themselves together. Good times...

Today we went to the library...a weekend excursion with Daddy. He doesn't usually get to go with us because we go during the week when he's working, but it was so nice having him there. Partly because it's good to have him around, and partly because it meant he took Emma and I was able to actually look at my leisure and get whatever I wanted without having to keep her from pulling books off the shelves. She's a great baby, but you know they all love to pull things off of shelves! Of course, that meant he had to deal with the book-pulling and didn't really get to look at much himself. But I so appreciate his sacrifice. ;)

Last week after my OB appointment I took my wedding band off. I had noticed it was getting sort of tight and I thought I probably needed to put it away until after the baby . I asked Karl how much I could spend on a gold necklace to put it on so I could still wear it but he told me, "Nothing, I'm gonna buy you one." So, I've been waiting and wondering all week when he was going to get it....patience is not my strong suit. Tonight he ran out to the store for me before dinner because I had forgotten that I needed feta cheese for the dish I was making. When he got back he disappeared upstairs then came back and put a necklace, with my ring attached, around my neck. (Thanks darlin'!) It's pretty, and now I feel complete again. I've been feeling for my ring all week and I felt lost without it. I'm sure it will take a little while for me to realize it's not on my finger, but at least now I won't have to be sad that I can't wear it. And an added bonus is that Emma loves to play with pretty things around my neck, so she's happy too. ;)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Prayers please

I just needed to re-post this verse that a true friend sent me back in February when I was struggling with some things. I am still struggling and felt like I needed to place it here again, as a reminder to myself that the Lord delights in me, even if others don't, and for anyone else who may be having struggles as I am.

The Lord your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with
Zephaniah 3:17

Please pray for me that God will be my strength.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Logan: "Mom, did people in the fifties talk different?"
Me: "Well, I guess they used different words maybe, than we do now."
Logan: "Oh, cuz when I think of people from the fifties I always think they would talk real southern."

Hailey (upon finding out Karl and I were going for a walk alone): "Oh....it's just that I've never actually walked out of the community." (our community is gated)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My exercise regimen...

I've been trying to exercise. My OB recommended I "get a little exercise" to help keep me from gaining weight too quickly. I had stopped at about 8 weeks because I got so tired and was feeling nauseous quite often. I could have started back several week ago but I've just gotten back to it over the last week. I've used the elliptical 3 times so far...my goal is at least 3 days a week. We will also have times where we walk up to the pool and swim for a bit, but that's not a regular thing so I needed to add something else. Once our other 'stuff' gets here from NY I'll have some light weights (1-3 lbs) that I may begin to use as well. It feels good and healthy to be back in the 'workout mode'. I'm taking it easy, nothing too taxing, but just moving my body gives me more energy to face the day. Karl and I actually walked to the restaurant where we were eating on date night...it wasn't too far, and it was really nice to have a "walking date" as he dubbed it.

That's it, nothing more to add at this time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

An update on the family

I don't really have a lot to add, as we haven't really done a whole lot that's of interest lately. To see what we've been up to with schooling, go here.

I don't have any doctor appointments this week, so we will just keep going with our school work each day. We don't have any plans really to do anything special, unless you count tomorrow's trip to Target to stock up on groceries and some other things we need. And possibly a side trip to BJ's. I also need to run to the bank...I'm out of cash! ;-

We are looking forward to our trip to Georgia next month. I need to pick up various items we will need there such as water shoes to wear in the river, some birthday gifts and party plates, etc. since Corbin's birthday falls during that week(he's gonna be 7!), and I'm sure there must be other things I'm not thinking about right now. We also need to get some supplies for our beach trips, like boogie boards for the older kids and an umbrella to shade Emma. It's been too long again and the kids are itching to go. And I do love the beach myself. ;)

Our house in NY is officially on the market. It's sad, because we met some great people there and we love the house, but we pray it sells quickly. We'll need what we get from the sale to help with the purchase of a new home in Miami...if we decide to buy instead of rent.

That's about it. I'll write more when there's something more exciting to share.

Oh yeah...most important of all....EMMA IS WALKING! She's still a little unsteady on her feet and falls down a lot, but she handles it well and is getting better every day. She'll be running right behind all the others before we know it. ;( ;) I just can't believe she's so grown up already....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visit to Perinatologist

During my last OB visit my doctor referred me to a local perinatologist. I have several 'factors' that put me in the high-risk-pregnancy category and she just wanted me to have a consultation with him. We discussed my age (not a big deal), whether I wanted to do any tests for birth defects (no), the fact that I would have an ultrasound, the details from my other pregnancies, and family health history. He recommended that I go ahead and follow the diabetic diet from my last pregnancy (I already am), then we went ahead to the ultrasound room. The tech spent quite some time taking pictures and measuring various body parts of the baby. I was able to watch it all on the 'big screen' they had on the wall, so that was nice. She asked me if I wanted to know "what it is" and of course I said yes....we always find out. Her answer?

"It looks like a girl."

So Hailey is thrilled, and though Karl and I would have been perfectly happy if it were a boy, this will make it easier as far as clothing goes since we have so many of Emma's things stored away. Plus, won't it be great fun to see two little girls so close in age running around together?! I'm very excited! ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sea World

Here's a link to my post about our trip.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip to Orlando

We're heading out to Orlando this afternoon. Karl has been there all week and he asked me to bring the kids and stay with him tonight...and we're all going to Sea World tomorrow. It should be great fun. I'll post about it when we return, probably sometime over the weekend. And maybe we'll even have pictures....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Links to blog

See this link and this one to read about what we've done so far this weekend...it's been quite fun.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our quick trip to NY

I'm not going to take a lot of time to write about our trip, but I will post a few details. We left our airport late, so got to ATL with just 30 minutes until take-off...Karl ran to the gate while I huffed and puffed far behind him. I'm not terribly large yet but I'm still no longer in running mode....we made it so that's all that counts, I guess. ;) When we arrived at the house after resting semi-well Thursday night (the alarm was set to 5:30 a.m., NOT by us!) we were pleasantly surprised. Though there was some clean-up to do in the garage and some trash to throw away, most of what needed to be done was minimal. Karl repaired the ceiling from our bee incident last summer. He had already done that but it needed some touching up and some paint. He also had to replace a guide on one of the closet doors. I cleaned the toilets, swept the floors, and vacuumed the carpets. We both filled a few trash bags with trash or give-away items, then loaded up the rental car to take it all to a dumpster and Goodwill, respectively. Each day we only ended up having to spend 2-3 hours at the house, maybe less. This allowed us to see a few friends while we were there. I also got to meet many of the people that Karl worked with while we lived in NY since I went to work with him on Friday morning. We ate at some of our favorite and much-missed restaurants, saw Date Night, and just generally enjoyed being alone together for the weekend. We tried to go to the Weepeats event, twice, and got there too late both times. So, Sunday morning I got up and went to the last day of the sale. The up side to this was that everything (almost) was 50% off plus admission was free. The downside....there was not nearly as much 'good stuff' available. I was able to find many cute outfits for Emma....she is the child who was in the greatest need for clothing anyway. And I found a new swimsuit and a nice church dress for Hailey....the boys were just out of luck this time. :( I also bought myself a swimsuit (not at the sale) and a couple more maternity outfits while we were there....plus I picked up my maternity clothes from a friend I had loaned them to in NY. I do feel guilty for taking them though...her baby hasn't been born yet and I know how difficult it is to fit into ANYTHING those last few weeks. Thanks Stacy...hope everything was helpful at least while you had the chance to use it! Our flight back on Monday was okay, but delayed. We left the airport late...it didn't matter that we arrived late in Atlanta this time...our flight was late (an hour or more) boarding then we got to sit on the tarmac a while.....leaving around the time we should have been arriving in our local airport. We finally arrived home just before 9 p.m....all the kids were waiting up for us except Emma. It was nice to get away, and equally as nice to get back home to my family. Emma didn't start walking while we were gone, so I didn't miss it! :) Thanks so much to my Mom and Dad who made the 11+ hour drive to babysit for us....you're awesome! Now we're just trying to settle back into our routine until our next trip....vacation to the cabin in June.

Okay, so I had more to say than I thought and it got long....thanks for sticking with it if you're still reading. I'll be back later this week.

Link to recent post

I really don't have the time or the energy to post anything right now about our trip. When I'm feeling better....I'm really tired and have a bit of a cold. For now, this is what we've been up to with our schooling lately.