Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prayer for an old friend

I am posting a link here to a blog written by an acquaintance from high school, and her family. She was diagnosed with cancer last summer and her entire family needs prayer right now. Follow the link to read her story and journal.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

South Florida Fair

This post is just here say...I didn't actually get to go to the fair, but I wanted to write a short blurb about their day anyway.

The fair has been going on for a couple of weeks...it started on January 15th. We told the kids we would go, we just didn't know when. At night, the Ferris Wheel and the fair's version of The Tower of Terror were visible from Hailey's window, we are that close to the fairgrounds. Pure torture for the kids. They have been asking us almost every day when we were gonna go, so much that it was really becoming annoying. We've just had too much going on. Anyway, Karl and I had finally decided we were going to go yesterday afternoon. Of course, I ended up not feeling well around lunch time and was unable to go. Emma and I stayed home while 'hero' Daddy saved the day and took the three older kids.

Apparently upon arrival they watched an alligator show. Of course there's an alligator show at a fair in Florida! I was surprised but shouldn't have been...Hailey had taken her video camera and recorded some of the show, so I'll get to at least see part of that. They tell me there was a baby albino alligator...only 90 known in existence in the world, so pretty special. Also, a girl from the audience named Molly got to be part of the show...she sat on the alligator's back while one of the performers held it's mouth shut. The kids seemed pretty amazed by all the things they saw during the performance, so I'm glad they got to attend. The rest of the afternoon was spend on the rides, eating pizza and funnel cake, and just laughing and hanging out together. They got home around 7 last night, had dinner and went to bed. Their poor feet and legs were so tired....and they all (including Emma) slept until about 8:30 this morning so that was a bonus! Can't wait 'til the next one...maybe I'll get to go.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A quick update on....everything

We have now been in our current location for just over 10 weeks. I don't think I've mentioned here (some people know) that the day we moved in Karl got a call from HR in NY saying they'd like to make a formal offer for the Miami job. We knew when we moved that they wanted him to take over the job there at the end of this one but the contract had not been signed yet. Anyway, we've been waiting to hear if they got the contract, we've heard bits and pieces of information that led us to believe it was becoming more likely we'd be moving down there...but no actual offer because they just didn't have the contract yet. We should know something VERY soon about that.

I'm asking you guys to keep us in prayer. We need to work out lots of details, with the move as well as other things, and knowing we have people praying for us is a big help. I'll be back to add more details as we learn more about what's going to happen. Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teething is no fun

Emma slept a lot today and I was wondering why...until she woke up from her afternoon nap. Poor baby is teething and has a little bit of a fever, which of course makes her feel bad. She was a little fussy, didn't eat a whole lot at dinner, and though she drank a good bottle in the late afternoon she did not want any more before bed. I gave her some infant Tylenol to help with her achiness and she is now sleeping (hopefully well). I didn't force her to let me look in her mouth, but I'm guessing she's getting a molar or two. She usually gets a bit fussy when teething but still eats well and no fever....hence my assumption that it's a molar because it seems to be a bigger deal for her. I'm praying she'll feel better tomorrow. I don't like seeing my babies hurting....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Run Away

Did any of you ever run away from home? I can remember running away with my older cousin. I forget our reason but we packed a bag, took her dogs, and ran away.....out to the cedar tree in her yard. ;)

After a bit of a rough start to our week, and then a special 'crisis' with our two middle kids this afternoon, we placed them in the bathroom together to "think about what they'd done"...hoping that the guilty party would fess up. No such luck. After a bit, we decided to take Emma's monitor out of her room and place it in the bathroom so we could hear what was going on. We had instructed them not to speak to one another, but I was not convinced they would obey. Also, I was worried they may decide to say mean things and I wanted to hear if that did indeed happen.

Well, we heard them carrying on a conversation after a while. Karl tiptoed closer to the monitor and Logan and I stayed quiet. Apparently, they were discussing running away. I went over to listen and heard one say they didn't have money to get there (don't know where there is), then the other pipes up and says "yeah we have money, our allowance"...needless to say, we decided to separate them. We can't have a mutiny on our hands! Seriously though, we did speak with them about the fact that running away is not a good idea. We still haven't gotten to the bottom of the problem, but it's obvious that they are not pleased with how we're handling the situation.....hoping they'll admit "who dun it" soon and we can move on.

One thing I can say with complete honesty...life in the Woerner household is never dull.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another milestone...so soon?

Emma clapped today. We've been clapping for her when she does something great...like learning to crawl, pulling up, saying Mama and Dada...and today she got it. She's been trying but couldn't quite make her hands meet...until this evening. So proud of herself, with a big grin on her face, imitating Mommy....she clapped her hands.

Inspirational Blogging

I have a blogger friend.....I've only met her in real life once or twice, but I so enjoy reading her blog. She's been through so much yet shows such a joy for the Lord...she has such a sweet countenance and seems so upbeat (I'm sure she has down days too). I am always inspired by her to be a better mom, a better christian, a better friend. Go visit her when you get a chance...maybe she'll inspire you, too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

They do grow up so fast

"They DO grow up so fast." these are the words that came out of Hailey's mouth last week. I forget what it was that Emma had done....maybe we were just talking about the fact that her 1st birthday is about 6 weeks away...that was the response we got from her and we just had to laugh. It starts early with us women...the love of babies and the realization that they don't stay small very long.

I've been watching Emma over the last several weeks, meeting developmental milestone after developmental milestone. She's learned how to crawl, she's realizing more and more who we all are, she's just today pulled up for the first time. I will never tire of watching my babies learn and grow, but in a way it makes me sad too. Those days are gone so quickly....I know they learn and grow all along, just in different ways, and I do still marvel at the different ways the older kids are developing too.

I have loved babies since the age of twelve. I can remember always being the one to help care for the infants in our church. If the pastor's wife had a baby, if anyone else in the church had a baby, I was there and ready to hold him or her the first time that mama needed help! This carried on into my adult years...even after I had my own babies. I volunteered in our church nursery, taught Sunday school, was a teacher's aid for my kids' preschool, and now I'm at home full time with my own kids. I just love kids, and mine specifically. Life is tough in many ways as a mom but there are so many blessings and I would never trade any of it...I love it, and I feel it's what I'm made to do. Obviously, I am not perfect and there are many areas in which I need to improve, but I truly feel it's my calling...to be a mom, raise my children up to follow God where He leads them...I'm so blessed with the family He has given me.

My babies are growing up. Emma will be 1 march 1st. I can't believe it!

Extended weekend

It turns out that our 'little girl' weekend is extending into a family-to-family weekend....or some such thing. Karl found out he has business in Orlando on Monday, riding with his current 'boss' who works at the Melbourne office...so the whole family is going when we take Alyssa back today to spend the night, possibly two, with her family. I'm good friends with her mom, and her other children and my other children are friends as well, so everyone will be happy with the situation. We're going to have dinner together tonight, and though their kids have to go to school tomorrow, they'll all get to spend the late afternoon together. We have yet to decide if we will leave tomorrow night or Tuesday morning, but either way it should be a nice time to visit with each other.

The girls have spent a lot of time playing with their Webkinz, making paper boats to float in our lake, and are currently outside flying the kites they made (plastic bags tied to yarn). They had fun camping out in Hailey's room in sleeping bags on the floor, and just in general getting to know each other again. They've spoken on occasion while we were in NY and we spent a few days with them when we visited Florida over the summer, but it's not the same as seeing each other for a whole weekend, doing everything together, and knowing they'll get to do this often (often compared to when we lived up north!). I think the boys have felt a little left out, so we'll need to work on that for next time, but otherwise it's been a good time.

Now, we're mostly packed to leave after lunch. We're waiting for Karl to finish his assignment for school and for Emma to get up from her nap. We will then eat lunch and get in the car to drive to Melbourne...it's just about two hours, so not too far. I'm actually going to do the driving, I guess, so I'll know how to get from here to I95, plus that will free Karl up to read his other text for his assignment that's due on Tuesday.

That's all for now. I'll post more in a few days.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friend Reunion

My oldest daughter, Hailey, had something she was really looking forward to when she found out we were moving back to Florida...seeing her friend, Alyssa. The day has finally arrived, her friend is coming over today for a weekend sleepover....48 full hours of little girls laughing, squealing, causing mischief. I can see it now. ;- Of course, I'm excited about seeing her and her mom too...we are good friends as well. They live 2 hours away, so we're splitting the drive. She's driving down and we will take Alyssa home on Sunday. So glad we can be close enough for an occasional visit....though the girls say it's not close enough until we live next door! I guess they'll have to take what they can get at this point....looking forward to seeing the joy the weekend brings to Hailey. She's really missed her friend.

Baby-girl loves her freedom

I've been after the kids constantly about the pile of Legos in the front room...you know, the room that's supposed to be the formal living room but no one ever uses because they don't have the furniture to fill it? (at least, that's been our experience) It's our 'play' room. I don't mind if they play with their Legos in there, but since we moved in I've been warning them that they would have to do something about them once Emma was mobile. Well, we've reached that point. She has yet to crawl from one room to another, but she can definitely get all over within one room. I finally boxed up all the Legos and got the other remaining 'stuff' off the floor in there. The new rule is that all Legos must be put away before Emma is up from her nap(s). If they play with them when she's awake it has to be on a table or in their rooms.

Boy, is she enjoying the freedom! Before, we had to keep vigilant (don't worry we still do) because she was always trying to get to those little pieces. Now that it's Emma-safe in that room, she can crawl along, play with her toys, look out the sliders....and I don't have to pull her back, even once. I'm able to do some things I need or want to do (like blogging) and still watch her, without feeling as if she's going to harm herself if I'm not hovering. And she has the freedom to explore, as babies should, in a safe environment where she can develop properly. All this makes for a happy baby and a happy mommy....always a worthy goal, I think!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It does a Mommy-heart good...

  • It does a mommy-heart good to hear her little boy ask, "Daddy, will you do something with me?" and to hear the little boy's Daddy say "Let's take a walk...just us."
  • It does a mommy-heart good to see her older kids playing (the Wii) with their Daddy.
  • It does a mommy-heart good to listen to her baby humming herself to sleep.
  • It does a mommy-heart good to watch her little boy, who was terrified to sleep in a room alone a year ago, walk confidently into his room to sleep alone.
  • It does a mommy-heart good to write, reminding herself of all the good things, on a day that may not have been one of the best.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another link to follow

Here's a link to my latest post on our homeschool blog. Check it out.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blogging blahs....

I've had the blogging blahs over the last few days....just haven't felt much like writing. So much for my goal of blogging every day in 2010! I was hoping to at least have 365 posts this year, even if it was because I posted twice in one day. I guess all is not lost yet...there's still plenty of time.

Logan had a nice birthday I think. He seemed to enjoy himself, and we all had fun watching National Treasure together....Corbin's first grown-up movie and he did great. ;)

Karl's parents and his brother, wife, and son came over on Sunday. It was really nice to just hang out and talk a bit, eat good food, and watch all the kids play together. It's can get crazy when you have 11 people sitting around one table, passing food, pouring drinks, and carrying on many conversations at once, but it sure was a lot of fun. I loved the chaos, the noise....thanks for coming by, y'all.

Please pray for our family. I'm not going to list specifics right now, but your prayers are coveted. I know I need them. Where two or more are gathered in His name...and all that. Thank you, we appreciate it so much.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My last chance workout

Today, I watched the rest of The Biggest Loser from Tuesday night. I decided to do this while I was working out on my elliptical trainer. Not so sure it was the best idea, for my emotional well being....;)

This machine is tough....the elliptical is hard work and I was watching all these people who are way heavier and more out of shape than me do things that I know I couldn't do. I felt like it was my last chance workout, as the trainers call it on the show. Although all I had to do was the cardio....no one was standing next to me shouting, cursing, or making me haul them 20 feet with a rope. I am constantly amazed by the difference this show makes in the lives of its contestants. Obviously, taking off the weight makes a huge difference in their ability to live life to the fullest and to just feel better. But there are so many emotional changes, mental blocks, that are broken on 'the ranch'. I love the show....aside from all the yelling and foul language, mostly coming from Jillian.

I wish I could take any number of weeks to just focus on myself, my baggage, my wrong thinking without having any other responsibilities. My entire life would change! However, I don't have that luxury, so I continue to try working on those things at home. Sometimes it's tough to get in that thinking and reflecting time....time to pray and seek God's best for me, to read the bible. I do believe that my life can still change, that I can live "life abundantly" as God promises. That's what Jesus came to give me, that's why He died for me....not just so I can go to heaven but so I can begin to live like Him while I'm still here on earth. I am a constant work in progress and I have had many failures. I can only keep asking His forgiveness and continue to give Him my best each day. Often, it's not my best but He loves me anyway. I'm so glad He doesn't tell me this is my last chance workout....with Jesus there's always another chance to try to get it right.

Bus-y-ness and the birthday boy

We've been very busy around here this week....school work, cleaning, date night, birthday preparations....Logan's 12th birthday is tomorrow.

A while back I found a recipe for a chocolate cheesecake in a magazine and tore it out to save for 'someday'. Logan happened to see it sitting on the counter and asked if I would make it for his birthday, so 'someday' came sooner than I had planned. My mom got me a spring form pan several years ago, and I had never used it (wanted to but didn't make the time) until last Christmas. I decided to make a chocolate chip cheesecake for our Christmas Day dessert. It was delicious! There's not much better than homemade cheesecake in my opinion. I used it again not too long before we moved to make a pumpkin cheesecake to serve to some frends. Very tasty! So today, Logan and I used it for the third time to make the chocolate cheesecake. It's cooling right now and I'll put it in the fridge before we go to bed. I cannot wait to enjoy it with the family tomorrow. We will be taking everyoneto IHOP for breakfast...we let the birthday child choose to go out for one meal on their birthday if they like, and he chose breakfast. We'll secret his gifts with us to open there. Then, for dinner Karl and I will make chili (with meat!) again at Logan's request. I bought stew meat to add to it. We made it once before and it turned out very well, so here's hoping. I'll serve cornbread and maybe some roasted broccoli with Parmesan cheese as a vegetable.

I can't believe he's turning 12...seems like just yesterday I went to the doctor's office for my regular visit and they sent me to the hospital for 'observation'....which turned into birthing our first baby 6 weeks early. I'm still so amazed at how blessed we were (and are). He's healthy, funny, smart, kind, and has a special heart for God. Happy birthday my sweet boy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Funny things

I've been pondering and holding some things in my head that I want to write about. It's all in a jumble...but I do have a couple of recent things that might amuse you, so I thought I'd share those for now.

  • It's been kind of chilly here in South Florida...strange, I know....so I've been wearing long pants and long sleeves. We've even been running the heater! Yesterday morning, I dressed in a pair of lounge pants with a matching sweatshirt...but it doesn't have pockets. In NY I got used to using chapstick ALL the time because the cold wind and/or heat in the house causes dry lips. I've tended to use it here too now out of habit and I guess the weather here does the same to me at the moment. Anyway, I didn't have a pocket for my chapstick yesterday so I stuck it in my sports bra. Weird...I feel like one of those old ladies on tv you always see stashing their cash in their bra. But hey, it was convenient. Once I did it I forgot about it because it wasn't that noticeable down there in my cleavage (cleavage? who am I kidding?), I got busy homeschooling, and feeding Emma, etc. However, as the day progressed I wondered several times where my chapstick was. My lips were dry and I needed it. I also kept noticing that my sports bra had those lines in it...if you've ever worn one you know what I mean, the ones that are vertical across each side and you can see them through your shirt? I looked on my nightstand in the bedroom but it wasn't there. I looked on the end table in the living room near the chair where I always sit...not there either. So, I figured it was lost. I went all day with dry lips....until I went upstairs (after all the kids but Logan were tucked in) to change into my pajamas....then I found it, and had to laugh. It had been with me all day and I never even noticed. I spent the whole day without chapstick, with dry lips, uncomfortable and all I would have had to do is look in my bra...investigate those lines because those 'lines' were not what I thought...it was the outline of my chapstick!
  • Saturday night we attend church....something we really enjoy, both the service and that it's on Saturday night. I came out of my room, after going back in there to grab something else I needed, to see Logan tiptoe-ing down the hall. When asked what he was doing he responded, "I'm being you." I was wearing my 4-inch-heeled boots that I love and are almost worn out. I love them because they make me taller...and I just think they're cute. Anyway, he was trying to walk like me in my boots....he did it pretty well. He had the rhythm down. You probably had to be there, but it was just funny to step out of the room and see him doing that...just to amuse himself.
  • Another thing Logan said.....one night when I tucked him in he mentioned how now he understands what I meant (in a previous conversation) about knowing who is coming by the sound of their steps. He said he knows it's me because of the pace of my steps...but also because of my creaking feet. What? Huh? When asked to explain, he said that my feet creak so he knows it's me when he hears that. I hadn't really paid attention, but I told him he was right and we laughed about how I'm "getting old". What was so funny is that as I left his room and began to walk down the hallway, my feet 'creaked' with every step...we were both in hysterics, in danger of waking all the little 'uns. Now I understand completely...and I think I know what caused it. During my last two pregnancies I had some slight issues with my feet...swelling and soreness, even for a couple of months after the birth. I believe this 'creaking' is a leftover from those issues....I don't mind, it reminds me of some of my favorite times in my life (being pregnant) and it's part of what makes me, me. Plus, it makes me smile now every time it happens....

Bigger than the battle....

My friend Mimi posted a video on her blog that I felt I should share here. I'm holding onto this promise and many of the words and ideas in this song. Watch, listen, and be encouraged.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not an ear to hear...

Ya know, there are just some days when you just don't want talk...or really you do, but you feel no one really cares to listen.

Much of the time, my blogging helps me to say what I want to say, to an audience that's always 'listening'. When I'm talking here, I don't have to watch for body language which tells me the listener is bored, getting angry, impatient, etc. Plus, anyone reading who isn't interested can 'walk away' and I won't even know it. I can just keep on 'talking' until I'm done. And for me, that's a good thing. Sometimes I have things to say....

Body language is a BIG THING for me...and it can make me feel unimportant in a heartbeat. Now, I know that much of that has to do with myself and my "low self-esteem", but don't you think that the person on the receiving end has some responsibility, too? When we're in a conversation, isn't it polite to respond, to look at the person, and to give the speaker a chance to complete his/her thought before throwing up our hands in frustration or "throwing in the towel" so to speak? I have to say I get a bit peeved when a person asks me a question then doesn't wait to hear the answer. They go on with another topic or leave the room....why ask the question at all, then? I will never understand it. And what about that verse in the bible that talks about never letting the sun go down on your anger? Boy have I spent many a night with unresolved issues (and I don't mean just between my husband and I, though that's been the case too). It's really hard to do when only one of you is willing to talk.

I have things to work on...that's obvious. Don't we all?

Today's one of those days of reflection, questioning, and wondering where it's all going to end up. What is my purpose, my calling in life? Is it what I'm doing? Is there something more? And to whom should I speak about it, if anyone? Does it just require more prayer and better listening on my part? Do you know?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's resolutions, I mean, goals

I don't make resolutions. I don't know why, but for me that word has a bad connotation...something about the fact that people in general usually have failed at their resolutions by the end of January and my not wanting to be in that category. So, I set goals instead. Doesn't that just make you feel better, and more positive?

Here they are:

1. Blog every day this year....I LOVE to write and this is a way for me to get in more time doing that.
2. Lose the 'last 10 pounds'...it's actually about twice that for me but we'll do 10 to start.
3. Exercise at least 4 days per week...my new elliptical trainer should make that an easy one to meet.
4. Spend more time with the kids outside of 'school' time.
5. Improve communication with Karl....we communicate a lot, sometimes very loudly (me) and not always nicely (both of us). ;) Don't worry, we're fine, just need a little work.
6. Really start using my Spanish program...I've had it for several years and always intend to use it yet never get to it. This year it's gonna happen!
7. Plan more field trips for the kids.
8. Take more pictures and actually get them uploaded and some printed to send out to family!
9. Get control over the clutter.
10. Teach Hailey and Logan to cook at least 5 meals on their own.

There are probably more things I'll want to do this year, but those are what I had in my head today. Now I just need to make sure I return to this page regularly to check my progress. What are your goals for 2010?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Waffle Day

Most of you would refer to this day as Saturday, but in our family it's become known as Waffle Day (used to be pancake day until I got my wonderful waffle maker for my 2008 birthday!). Every Friday night, unless we're on vacation or something else comes up, I prepare my overnight waffle mix. It's just a recipe that came with the waffle iron...it sits over night, hence the name. It's always a tedious task that I do not look forward to. I'm not sure why I consider those 10 minutes to be tedious, but I do....something about all the steps, I guess. However, it is always worth it when we get up, cook the bacon, eggs, and waffles, then sit down to eat. Delicious! We add different fruits or chocolate chips to our mix...so we had blueberry waffles and chocolate chip waffles today. They melt in your mouth, and Karl said this morning, "I think this is the best waffle I ever ate." His was a mixture of both. Yeah, it was worth the 10 minutes....

It's rainy and cold here today so we're staying indoors, playing the Wii, drinking coffee while blogging, and generally being lazy. It's fun sometimes to just do nothing. We do have some chores to do so don't think we're actually doing nothing, just not going out to do any activities. We will go to church tonight.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Fun Night, and other important things

Today was an off day...we did go to the library but alas, brought no books home, because Mommy forgot the needed piece of mail the library requires for issuing cards. So, we may go back tomorrow to get a card and some books. Hailey and Corbin played outside the majority of the day, and Logan spent a good portion of his time out there as well. I think it got up to 70 and the sun was shining...a beautiful day to be outdoors. Emma and I even had to venture out for a stroll.

Tonight was our Family Fun Night, something we just instituted in the new year due to a request by a child in our household. We thought it was a great idea. There are plenty of times during which we have 'fun' with the family, but having a designated day to spend doing something specific as a family was appealing. The first two have been movie nights....I think next week we'll play games, and I hope to go out bowling one evening, too. We ended up having fried chicken, some fried potatoes (I know, not healthy, but we have it so rarely!), Cuban bread, and carrots with dip. We all put Frank's Wing Sauce on our chicken...it was delicious. For dessert and our movie snack we had two different pies to choose from....Key Lime pie from Publix, which is THE BEST, and Chocolate Cream pie. Everyone but me chose the chocolate...I just had to have the key lime. It was a nice evening with the family and I'm looking forward to next week already.

I'm yawning continuously and need to go to bed. Now, if I can just pull Karl away from the Playstation 3....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

More photos, please

I have a cyber friend. I know I've mentioned her here more than once. Her name is Melissa and I am in awe of her...her baby is beautiful, her photos are beautiful, her posts are beautiful (and funny!). I want to be like her when I grow up. Seriously. I just really love her blog. I visit almost every day because I know she's going to have some great photos, she'll make me laugh out loud, and she's always got great tips about.....everything. You should check out the link.

Today's post at her site is about organizing photos on your computer. Pretty interesting stuff, and worth doing something about. Fortunately for me, I have a husband who already does something very similar with our digital photos to what she does. Reading that post got me thinking about something that I've actually been considering quite a bit recently. I need more photos on my blog! I'm not as accomplished as Melissa is at capturing great moments, nor as artsy. However, I want to be able to share those moments from our lives that others would enjoy seeing. As a blog reader myself that is one of the things I love about blogs....the photos. I so enjoy reading about the people and places, but if there's a photo that just makes the whole article for me. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. My problem has been that 1) I couldn't find the cable I needed to plug into my computer to transfer photos so I could upload them and 2)I've now LOST my camera! Actually, several months ago. I think I lost it at the zoo in NY and we never made it back there to check the lost and found before moving. Who knows? Someone may have found it and now has a nice digital camera. Thankfully it wasn't one of the most expensive ones, but it cost enough.

So begins my quest to find a new digital camera for one camera-illiterate lady. I am saving my pennies....and I'm going to start researching to see what is good but not too costly. My husband can help me I'm sure because he is somewhat of an amateur photographer himself. I guarantee he'll help me pick out the right one. However, suggestions are welcome. Once I find it, watch out! I have dreams of beautiful photos pasted all over this blog. It'll be great....:) Until that day comes, I'll just keep reading my friends' blogs and drooling over their ability to post pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A blog I love

I wanted to share with you about a blog that I just love. I laugh out loud almost every time I visit Melissa's page! She's got witty comments, great pictures, even photography tips as she's a wonderful photographer herself. If you're looking for a new place to visit and some laughter, go see her. You won't regret it, I promise.

Reader comments

Not a lot to say tonight, I mean all we did was spend another day at home doing school work and chores. However, I must say that the day went even more smoothly than yesterday and you can read about it here.

Something I did want to mention...I don't get a lot of comments. I'm just curious about those of you who do read my blog. I have a traffic feed so I can see what cities the readers are from and I also have a counter so I get a total from each country monthly. However, there only a few who leave comments. I'm just wondering if it's because my posts are pretty mundane so there's nothing to say, or if it's something else. Are you shy, do you think I don't want to read your comments (because I definitely do!), are you unsure about how to leave a comment? That part's easy-just click on the comments link at the bottom of each post and it will lead you to a place where you can comment. You may have to register with Google but it only takes a moment and it's free. If you visit and read I'd love to hear from you. I'm beginning to think that I'm the only one who reads this stuff!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A day in the life

Another day of home school is done. We had a few rough spots, getting used to how this curriculum works for each kid I guess. Overall, I would say we were successful. I'm hoping tomorrow will run even more smoothly and continue to do so as each day passes. We still need to add in typing and Spanish, plus we haven't done math this week yet either....waiting until I get caught up with the grading from the weeks the kids were with my parents. But, I know we'll get it down eventually.

The weather here has been chilly....we're expecting to get down to about 32 degrees tonight. The owners of all the orange groves are a bit worried I think, because a 'freeze' can kill the crops and then they have a lot of loss to deal with. Maybe it won't do too much damage. Watching the news was amusing though because they were showing how people are going out "in droves" to buy cold-weather gear because it's going to be so cold. ;) I agree that it's cool, but your perspective changes once you've experienced the real thing in New York, I guess.

Karl has gone out to get a few groceries...isn't he a sweetie? He offered to do it when I told him I would need to go out after dinner. I'm recording The Biggest Loser, so when he gets back we'll watch the season opener (well I will, Karl will probably do school work). He's almost done (with his classes) and he's so excited....really we both are....because he's been so busy for the last year and a half. He's not had much time to just relax when he's home. Hopefully that will happen once he graduates in March.

I used my elliptical trainer again today and Corbin remarked, "That looks like hard work." I had to laugh. It is hard work, especially when you're out of shape! But, I enjoyed my workout anyway.

I have to pick out a cute onesie for Emma to wear on her birthday. A blogging friend, whom I've never met in real life, is going to create a design to put on the front of the onesie. She made one for her daughter and it was so cute! When I asked her if she'd do one for me and how much it would cost, she just told me to send the top with a postage paid envelope inside and she'd do it for free. Isn't that sweet?! So, I need to get it mailed out soon in order for her to get it done by Emma's birthday. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Pictures will be posted so you'll all get to see too.

Well, gotta tuck the kids into bed and get ready for Karl's return. I told him he didn't need to get me anything sweet, but I'm hoping he did anyway. I changed my mind after he left but when I tried to call him I discovered he forgot his phone. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

A Day Late and a Dollar Short...

that's what I heard my Mama say often enough when I was a kid.

I'm late again with this post, it should have been done yesterday....

It was our first day back to 'home school'. Finally we're staying home for a while, no trips on the horizon for a few months, so we can buckle down and get some work done. We had a bit of a rough start...couldn't find pencils that were sharp enough and no pencil sharpener (it seems it was permanently misplaced during the move), but they muddled through the morning. At lunch we ran out to Arby's and stopped in the convenience store to get some tiny, personal pencil sharpeners, one for each child. Eventually we'll buy another electric one but I still have hopes of finding it!

Really, that's all for yesterday, though I did get to use my new elliptical trainer. Karl got me a treadmill for our anniversary, but we returned it when we found we were moving and decided to get one here so as to cut down on the weight of our moving truck. We finally went out to replace it....we had a $150 off coupon(how's that for a good deal!) for the brand at BJ's, treadmill or elliptical, but my sweet husband brought back the elliptical because he knows how much I love it. ;) So it felt good to exercise again...and to burn 400 calories. The only problem is that I probably consumed enough yesterday that it didn't really matter! Oh well, today's a new day right? I'm looking forward to getting on it again sometime today. Corbin wants to try it. We told him he's too short but he wants to get on "just to see" so I may let him test it out.

By the way, I felt better yesterday. No coughing 'spells' but I kind of feel one coming on now. Confused...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Sunday

One of my goals for the new year....I know, I still need to get back here and write those down....is to blog every day. Well, I've already missed a day! I didn't make it here yesterday to write a thing. So, I'm gonna do a quick update right now.

Yesterday we just stayed home...well, mostly. Since we went to church Saturday night we did not go yesterday. It was a great service, by the way. John C. Maxwell attends Christ Fellowship and he was the speaker yesterday, and last week too I think. He's doing a series called Famous Failures. I really enjoyed listening to him. Here's a link to the message. Anyway, the kids and I did end up going out to BJ's to do some grocery shopping. We got quite a lot of 'stuff' and I still need to run out to Publix...maybe tomorrow we'll make it there. Karl stayed home to work on a paper he had due for his class. Otherwise, we just hung out and read, played the Wii a bit, etc.

I am still fighting....something. I don't know what it is...I don't feel sick really, but I do have somewhat of a cough though not all the time. My sniffles have gone away, there's no fever. Just occasionally I will have a coughing 'spell' and it hurts and I feel as if there's something heavy in my chest. I don't know. I've wondered if it could be what is called 'walking pneumonia' but I don't seem to have those symptoms. Any takers, all you nursing friends? If it sticks around I'll go to the doctor.

That's our Sunday...exciting stuff, I know. ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Accomplishing less, and more

After reviewing my blog posts from the past year and reading over all the different lists, etc. I have on my page, I have decided to make a few changes. There will be some things you'll notice have been removed or that will be removed shortly. I also changed the background for my blog. Something else I became aware of is that I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped during 2009...my book list for 2009 is way shorter than the one for 2008. I guess I haven't had as much time for reading this year...a new baby in the house does that! But then, I guess that means I'm accomplishing other things...playing with the baby, schooling, cleaning and organizing (which is actually a constant state in our home), etc. I will be removing the 2008 list, I think....but then maybe I should keep a record of all that? I don't know. Anyway, just a heads up that I'll be making changes here....keep reading to see what we're up to in 2010.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A great start to the new year...

We had a great day today. We all slept until 8 a.m. which is almost unheard of around here....our kids are all 'early birds'. I guess staying up late enough does affect them. Mid-morning I took Logan, Hailey, and Corbin out to see The Princess and the Frog...and it was great! Aside from some voodoo stuff, I enjoyed it very much. We had some snacks of course and just had a super time together...rare, and much-needed "mommy-kid time" as Hailey calls it. (and it DID NOT involve chores or homeschooling!)

Fridays are also our Family Fun Night...something new we've just started....and we watched Bedtime Stories on Netflix. We'd seen it before but it was fun to watch a second time. The kids all enjoyed Karl's leftover birthday cake while watching and it was nice to spend some relaxed time together as a family.

Monday brings the start of our second semester of school and we need to hit the floor running. After our move and the time away from home we have A LOT to catch up on. Although we usually end up doing some school work through the summer I like to avoid that, so we'll try to double up as much as possible, at least for a few weeks. We will have Fridays off though, so that will be a nice change. Our current curriculum is on a four-days-a-week plan. Rather than go five days a week to catch up I thought we'd keep to the plan and just do more on the days we are doing school. That way we at least get somewhat of a break.

I plan to return soon to write out my goals for 2010, but until then Happy New Year!