Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thankful for the storm...

Rain! Finally, and I can't believe it. It wasn't a whole lot and didn't last too long, but hopefully it was enough to breathe some life back into our grass before it dies completely. The lake is still very low but maybe it will rain again and help that situation. I'm not really one who loves rain....not like my mom and brother who love to hear it, who will go sit outside just to listen to it hit the roof and fall to the ground, who miss it when it doesn't rain because they love a good storm. No, that's not me at all. But I will say that I had begun to miss it, it's been that long. It was nice to see the sky graying up and the wind getting blustery....and the rain came. Nice.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some ramblings....and one very important piece of info

I've been gone too long again, I know. I really have been thinking of you. We've been busy schooling and playing....living.

I have no pictures but I really want to get some up soon. I plan to try to get Karl to do a real photo shoot of all of us....maybe not a group picture but in twos and threes, so we'll have some recent, really good, photos. He's the expert photographer here, ya know. And the weather has been beautiful lately. Maybe we can get some on the beach. I'd love that!

You can read here what we've been learning lately. Good stuff.

I do have one important thing to share. Logan attended a youth conference through our church a couple of weeks ago. It was called Leadership Rocks and was about....well....leadership. He had a great time learning from the speakers as well as hanging out with his friends. We found out a few weeks ago that Logan is invited to attend a leadership camp over the summer. It's called Student Leadership University, and this first one (101) will take place in Orlando. Check out the link, there's a ton of information there for you.

We are so proud of Logan for standing out as a leader in his Life Group and at church as well. Out of about 300 students at our campus only 20 students in grades 8-12 were invited to attend. We're so excited to see him reading his bible more and trying to do the right thing. And it's encouraging to see how that is helping him to step forward, answer questions, etc. in these group settings. He absolutely loves church and the learning he does there! We have decided to let him attend, and the camp takes place the week of June 13th. This is the first in a series of 4 camps that he will be able to attend each summer over the next few years, and I can't wait to see how he grows in his knowledge of the Lord, in confidence, and in his ability to discern God's call on his life. We have had Logan prepare a letter and many of you will be receiving it soon. We thought it would be a great opportunity for him to say in his own words why he wants to go and what he hopes to learn from the experience. Logan is asking for support from anyone who wishes to help financially, too. He is attending a week-long, local missions trip in July, so it will cost nearly $1000 for both together. We are requiring him to bear some of that responsibility by having him ask people to sponsor him and possibly by doing some work locally, if we can find any opportunities for him. If you have a desire to give, please let us know. In any case, Logan would be built up by any words of encouragement you may have for him through cards, a phone call, email, etc. Thanks so much! We'll keep you up-to-date on how things are progressing over the next months. We are very excited to see where God will take us.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A visit to the dentist

I forgot to share before now, but Emma had her first visit to the dentist last week. I had decided to go ahead and take her in, when they suggested it, just to start getting her used to the people and the equipment, etc. I had no idea how she would do......well, I actually expected her to refuse to do anything they asked, but I just wasn't sure. The hygienist came out and wanted to take her back without me...because I had the baby and she thought it would be easier for me. However, when she asked Emma to take her hand and go with her, Little Girl was not having that. The hygienist asked me how I thought she would be and I said, "Like that." pointing at the way Emma was backing up and starting to whine. So, I took the baby and went with them. She started to tell me about a 'technique' they have, something about holding the child on their lap, holding down the arms and legs.....I told her at the age of two I was not ready to put her through that. I mean, really? So, Emma sat on my lap, they showed her all of the tools and were very kind about asking her if they could show her how things worked....it worked! She sat quietly and engaged in conversation with the hygienist and dentist. They were able to clean all of her teeth....said whoever is brushing Emma's teeth is doing a wonderful job (it's Emma herself! ;) ), and then were even able to get x-rays of her teeth......all with her just sitting nicely on my lap. Amazing, that child! We went there expecting to just have an early let's-get-used-to-the-dentist-office visit....and we were able to do everything. Yay, Emma! I'm so proud of her and I know we're very blessed that she is such a good girl.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family time and "church day"

Today Karl's parents came for a visit. We joined them at Foster's Grille for lunch then came back home together. We all enjoyed visiting with them, and Corbin even got to take a walk around the lake with Grandma. They cleaned up the neighborhood by taking plastic bags with them and picking up any trash they saw along the way. Corbin enjoys doing this when he goes on a walk with his dad as well. He's a budding environmentalist.....

Today was also "church day", as Corbin likes to call it. (He asked me to pray with him a couple of weeks ago, by the way, to help him "get Jesus in my heart." We are so thrilled!) We were a bit late this morning but we made it all the same. Believe it or not, it wasn't because of the time change....we're often late. We're still working on that. :( It was a great service, and what we caught of the music was good, too. The kids always enjoy their time there, and Logan absolutely loves going to church. I'm so proud of him for that.....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Way behind.....

I just noticed I only have 30 posts here for the year. Wow, I'm way behind my goal for 2011! I am actually way behind on a lot of my goals for this year......:( I'll just keep plugging away, maybe I'll get better at meeting them as the year goes on. Thanks for reading anyway, even when there's not much here to keep you busy.

Busy-ness, and hoping to rest

I'm glad this week is over, honestly. We've just been busy.....with doctor visits, a library trip, going to the post office, SAINTS, the boys' study, horseback-riding lessons.....more than usual and I am tired. I just want to stay home for a day, try to get some stuff done here, and maybe go to the grocery store.

Logan is at a youth leadership event through our church. He was pretty excited to go and was planning to meet his group leader and a lot of the boys from his study group there so they could all find seats together. I'm sure he's having a great time. He has part of the day there again tomorrow....9-3, I think. Karl took him and was planning to go to a movie while he's at the event rather than drive back home then have to go back out to get him.....too far and gas just costs too much! Hailey and Corbin and I are having our own version of Family Fun Night without them. Homemade pizza, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a movie....we're doing just fine. ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tonight is the boys' study that we host. I spent the afternoon trying to get the house cleaned up a bit more than I've been doing lately. We have a guest speaker coming, and I don't know who it is, so I don't want him to be surprised by a less-than-spotless house....well, he will be anyway, but the point is that I put in the effort, right? The guys have been doing a great job...still a little rowdy, but overall learning a lot. We have a second leader that's been coming each week and he seems to really enjoy the boys, the teaching, and relates to them well. I've been trying to sit in (out of sight) too so I can hear what they're learning and get to know the boys a bit. I could sit in in sight, but sometimes subjects come up that I'm not sure they would discuss in front of me, so I try to lay low. ;) I'm usually in the kitchen, so they know I'm there, but not so conspicuous as if I were sitting right in the room with them.

I'm glad to say most of us are well....some have sniffles but nothing serious. We're just trying to avoid passing it around a second time. We did go to the library yesterday so that was exciting.

I have to go make dinner so we can all eat before the boys arrive, then I need to take Hailey to get some shoes. We'll do that, then be back in time for the babies' bedtimes. We might be able to squeeze in an ice cream cone before coming back home.

Later, all.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


After two weeks 'off', the two little ones and I are going to be joining the rest of the family for church. Yay! I think they're well enough to attend so we're gonna try it.