Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi-lites from the last few weeks...

Well, we are getting ready to head out on Sunday to GA for a week's vacation during Thanksgiving. We have packing to do, more un-packing of boxes this week, plus Logan has his qualifying round for Lego League competition on Saturday. Karl, has 2 papers due before we leave too, so please pray for all of us that we will be patient with one another amidst all the things we have to do. :)

I wanted to share a few photos from the last 2-3 weeks that I have not gotten around to posting until now. Enjoy!
The 'Pioneer' Woerner family...my mom made all the outfits, except Karl's, and we wore these to a church festival on Halloween night. We had fun...got plenty of candy, played lots of games, met new people...thanks, Nana!!

Corbin took a 'theatre' class during the 10 weeks of co-op this fall. Here is a photo of him during the performance of The Apple Dumpling. He is the goose just to the right of the child in the red shirt.

The kids bundled up to play in the first snow of the season...
Karl...playing goalie....there is a line of trees behind the house, with a ditch directly behind it. He came home early to sled with the kids (such a great Dad!) and had to stand at the bottom of the hill to keep them from sledding right into the ditch.

Our kids and the neighbor kids...working together to get our 'tube-ogan' back up the hill!

Mom and Dad's RV...covered with icicles and snow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not much new...

Wow! It's been a week since I've posted anything; I guess we've been busy with my parents here and trying to get the last of the boxes unpacked. We still have quite a few to work on, but the house looks much better than it did when we started. My hope is that we can be unpacked enough by next Monday to dive back into school full-time...I think we will be, but we have some work to do between now and then.

The kids have kept up pretty well with their English, Math, and Handwriting the whole time. They have also spent LOTS of time doing art projects and have spent a little time blogging. As a matter of fact, Logan is writing a story, so you all should check out his blog (see the link on my sidebar) to read it. He's just beginning, so you'll need to check back for the rest of the story...day by day, probably. Of course, they've enjoyed their time with Nana and PawPaw, just playing and talking and spending time playing with Jessie (my parents' dog).

We've been able to meet a couple of the neighbors and everyone has been very kind. A lady and her daughter brought over a grape pie yesterday to welcome us to the neighborhood...they were very nice, and the pie is delicious! The daughter, Emily, is a teenager and is available to babysit occasionally. They only live 2 doors down, so that would work great for us. We'll have to have her come over soon to see how she gets along with the kids.

Well, I'll try to get back soon. I have to get back to unpacking boxes and organizing the basement (school room). Take care!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a girl!

We went to see the Dr. yesterday, and had an ultrasound while in the office. We had a great time seeing all the shots of the baby and watching it move. And the general consensus is that it's a GIRL! Of course, it's not absolutely foolproof, but we're gonna go with it. We'll see at the actual birth! :) Hailey is very excited, because she has been wanting a sister for several years now.....she can't stop smiling. Now we have to get started thinking of names.

Here are a few pictures we came home with.

Hi, Grandma!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moving day, etc...

Well, moving day has come and gone; everything went fine. The guys arrived around 8:30 and were done by about 2:30 or so in the afternoon. Then, we were able to get to work unpacking boxes. We got the kitchen done the first day, except for a few things. That was nice because we were able to go ahead and cook a meal by Friday night. Karl and I worked on the kids' rooms, and Karl did a lot on our room while I was at co-op Friday and grocery shopping yesterday. Now, we have just a few more boxes in the main part of the house, and we'll be able to get started on the basement...there are a LOT of boxes there, plus toys to be organized and placed on shelves. Once we complete that...not sure how long it will take...we can get to the boxes, desks, etc. that are stored in the garage and put them in their proper places too. It's likely to be a several-weeks-long process, but I'd rather do that and have it all organized than to just throw things on shelves and feel disorganized from the start. I want to be able to find everything we need without a mad search...and I want it to be easy for everyone to return things to their appropriate homes within the house. Here's hoping, and praying, that my wants will become reality!

We did take a break today to go to church and out to lunch, then browsing at Michaels and Borders bookstore. We can't spend all of our time working!

Now, Karl is working on a paper he has due for his class, I'm blogging, Logan is reading, and the younger two are in bed. My mom and dad retired to their RV about an hour ago because they were worn out too. :) I plan to be back to blog more once we've made some progress....and I'd like to post some pictures once we get them taken. It may be a while yet!

I hope everyone's had a great weekend. We have, even if it's been a long and tiring one. We're so excited to be in our own home, and out of the rental! I really feel so blessed, and I think this house fits us perfectly.