Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moving day, etc...

Well, moving day has come and gone; everything went fine. The guys arrived around 8:30 and were done by about 2:30 or so in the afternoon. Then, we were able to get to work unpacking boxes. We got the kitchen done the first day, except for a few things. That was nice because we were able to go ahead and cook a meal by Friday night. Karl and I worked on the kids' rooms, and Karl did a lot on our room while I was at co-op Friday and grocery shopping yesterday. Now, we have just a few more boxes in the main part of the house, and we'll be able to get started on the basement...there are a LOT of boxes there, plus toys to be organized and placed on shelves. Once we complete that...not sure how long it will take...we can get to the boxes, desks, etc. that are stored in the garage and put them in their proper places too. It's likely to be a several-weeks-long process, but I'd rather do that and have it all organized than to just throw things on shelves and feel disorganized from the start. I want to be able to find everything we need without a mad search...and I want it to be easy for everyone to return things to their appropriate homes within the house. Here's hoping, and praying, that my wants will become reality!

We did take a break today to go to church and out to lunch, then browsing at Michaels and Borders bookstore. We can't spend all of our time working!

Now, Karl is working on a paper he has due for his class, I'm blogging, Logan is reading, and the younger two are in bed. My mom and dad retired to their RV about an hour ago because they were worn out too. :) I plan to be back to blog more once we've made some progress....and I'd like to post some pictures once we get them taken. It may be a while yet!

I hope everyone's had a great weekend. We have, even if it's been a long and tiring one. We're so excited to be in our own home, and out of the rental! I really feel so blessed, and I think this house fits us perfectly.

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