Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our quick trip to NY

I'm not going to take a lot of time to write about our trip, but I will post a few details. We left our airport late, so got to ATL with just 30 minutes until take-off...Karl ran to the gate while I huffed and puffed far behind him. I'm not terribly large yet but I'm still no longer in running mode....we made it so that's all that counts, I guess. ;) When we arrived at the house after resting semi-well Thursday night (the alarm was set to 5:30 a.m., NOT by us!) we were pleasantly surprised. Though there was some clean-up to do in the garage and some trash to throw away, most of what needed to be done was minimal. Karl repaired the ceiling from our bee incident last summer. He had already done that but it needed some touching up and some paint. He also had to replace a guide on one of the closet doors. I cleaned the toilets, swept the floors, and vacuumed the carpets. We both filled a few trash bags with trash or give-away items, then loaded up the rental car to take it all to a dumpster and Goodwill, respectively. Each day we only ended up having to spend 2-3 hours at the house, maybe less. This allowed us to see a few friends while we were there. I also got to meet many of the people that Karl worked with while we lived in NY since I went to work with him on Friday morning. We ate at some of our favorite and much-missed restaurants, saw Date Night, and just generally enjoyed being alone together for the weekend. We tried to go to the Weepeats event, twice, and got there too late both times. So, Sunday morning I got up and went to the last day of the sale. The up side to this was that everything (almost) was 50% off plus admission was free. The downside....there was not nearly as much 'good stuff' available. I was able to find many cute outfits for Emma....she is the child who was in the greatest need for clothing anyway. And I found a new swimsuit and a nice church dress for Hailey....the boys were just out of luck this time. :( I also bought myself a swimsuit (not at the sale) and a couple more maternity outfits while we were there....plus I picked up my maternity clothes from a friend I had loaned them to in NY. I do feel guilty for taking them though...her baby hasn't been born yet and I know how difficult it is to fit into ANYTHING those last few weeks. Thanks Stacy...hope everything was helpful at least while you had the chance to use it! Our flight back on Monday was okay, but delayed. We left the airport late...it didn't matter that we arrived late in Atlanta this time...our flight was late (an hour or more) boarding then we got to sit on the tarmac a while.....leaving around the time we should have been arriving in our local airport. We finally arrived home just before 9 p.m....all the kids were waiting up for us except Emma. It was nice to get away, and equally as nice to get back home to my family. Emma didn't start walking while we were gone, so I didn't miss it! :) Thanks so much to my Mom and Dad who made the 11+ hour drive to babysit for us....you're awesome! Now we're just trying to settle back into our routine until our next trip....vacation to the cabin in June.

Okay, so I had more to say than I thought and it got long....thanks for sticking with it if you're still reading. I'll be back later this week.


StacyB said...

finally catching up on blogs!
I am sorry I wasn't here to see you when you came by for your goodies! I threw in a pair of capris I had picked up in a lot on ebay, and I meant to throw in another pair of capris and a pair of light-weight cream pants that might actually get some use in FL in the summer/fall... :S
Thank you, again, for seeing me through the winter! I hope that one pair of khaki pants has life left in them... they were my favorite. [The good news is I don't dry anything in the dryer. Everything is hung up to dry. So hopefully I didn't contribute to much wear and tear! :)]

Wendy said...

I did notice the capris...black with white flowers? I was going to ask you about them, but I figured they were some you didn't want...Anyway, they'll be good for church and cooler evenings out. And I have to say the 'unmentionables' are a luxury I needed. ;)The khaki pants look great...they were my favorite too, so comfy. Everything looks great...thanks for taking such care.