Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 16, 2009

Visit to OB

I had another visit to the OB on Wednesday. My blood sugars had been well within the required range (60-95 in the morning and below 140 1 hr. after a meal) the entire week since I saw the nurse. I took my level sheet with me so I could show the doctor. He said the numbers look very good...he was pleased. He also listened to the baby's heartbeat and said it's a rate of 140, so she's very happy and doing well. My weight was down by about a pound...I know the goal isn't really to lose weight in pregnancy, but at this point I think they were happy because I was gaining too quickly. With the special 1800-calorie 'diet' I'm on now we should be able to control that much better until the birth. And supposedly, the gestational diabetes will go away shortly after the birth.

Now, I did not think before I found out I have developed gestational diabetes, that I was feeling poorly. I just thought the aches and pains I was feeling were normal...I have done it 3 times before after all! However, over the last week I have begun to feel better. I am not as uncomfortable, I had a foot that was swelling and that is much improved, just in general feeling good. My blood pressure was higher (not high) at my previous visit...I think it was 130/90...which is a good bit higher than is normal for me. At the visit this Wednesday it was 106/60...so much better. Apparently, a development in pregnancy that can stem from gestational diabetes that is left untreated is pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure with possible resulting seizures), so I am glad we found out and both the sugar levels and blood pressure are under control.

I still don't know how big the baby actually is. At this point she's supposed to be around 3 lbs. I anticipate having another ultrasound within the next several weeks to check the size of the baby. We're hoping for a 'normal' sized baby instead of one as large as Corbin (9.5 lbs.) because his was a difficult delivery for both Mom and baby. I'd love to have a baby that doesn't have to be whisked away to the nursery or NICU! However, we are so thankful that God has taken care of each of our children during their births, providing just the right doctors when needed. He's brought us through some scary experiences, for sure. And I feel confident that no matter what happens with this delivery He will do the same.

I've begun researching pain medications that can be used during the birth. With Logan and Hailey I had something called Stadol...this allowed me to rest a bit between contractions, but I could still feel them. It helped some and I was able to have a normal delivery. However, Corbin's birth moved so quickly, I was unable to have any sort of medication for pain relief. It was actually on order and never made it to my room before he was born. My memories of that one are not as pleasant....it was definitely very painful, and I'm sure more so due to the shoulder dystocia issue. So, I've been looking into what is available as well as reading up on epidurals and cesarean deliveries. I don't know what type of delivery I'll end up having, but I want to be informed. It makes me feel better to know what my options are. I expect to speak to the doctors over the next weeks to find out what they recommend and decide from there.

That's all I have now for an update. I'll post more once I see the doctor again.

In other news, Logan celebrated his 11th birthday yesterday. It does not seem like he should be that old already! He made his own cake (while I looked on) and we celebrated with Dad after dinner. We did let him open his gifts after his requested waffle breakfast, so he spent all day building the various Lego and Bionicle toys he received. I think he had a good day. Next is Hailey's birthday on Tuesday...the ripe old age of 9!