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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 8, 2008

Grocery Store Savings

I haven't blogged about this lately...I really meant to do this weekly. But, I was not able to shave $100 off of last month's grocery budget. I ended spending too much at the beginning of the month, then as time went on we kept having to go back, and eventually were up to our normal budgeted amount. Oh, well. I'm trying again...

This month, so far, I have been able to keep it at the amount I was aiming for. We have the ability to spend more, but I really want to try to keep it lower because we are trying to save money towards closing costs on the house (I can't wait to move in!) and every little bit helps. One thing I have done is start shopping only for the week. In the past I have stocked up on items that I know we use a lot of, and we may do that again eventually, but right now shopping only for what I need for the week is what is keeping us under budget. We are still eating well, with plenty to eat and plenty of healthy options, so I'm excited. I am hoping to be able to utilize the sales more next week. I have some coupons too, so maybe between the two I can save even more. We'll just have to see. Anyway, that's my grocery store savings update....about $18.00 less per week so far. It's not a phenomenal amount, but I'd say it's pretty decent! :) If anyone else has tips for saving money at the grocery store I'd love to hear about them. Just post a comment here. Thanks! Have an awesome week.


Courtney said...

Not sure if you have one in your area, but we buy a number of grocery items at Sam's Club. We drink about three gallons of milk per week and it's $1.00/gallon cheaper there than in the grocery store. I also save several dollars a week on eggs and bread at Sam's. Oh, and coffee. Also, if you are able to use it fast enough, I find the flours and sugars to be a great deal there but they do come in huge quantities.

I'm trying to be better about planning out a menu for the week and buying everything we need for those meals to avoid going back to the store every couple days when we run out of something.

Wendy said...

We actually go to BJ's, which is a wholesale club also. The milk there is actually more than at Wegman's, which I find very strange. When we were in Florida milk was cheaper there than even at Wal-mart. I do try to buy my flour and sugar there because it is cheaper and we use A LOT of it. I often put it in the freezer so it will last longer; you might try that if you think it will go bad before you use all yours. I buy my eggs there too, 5 dozen at a time, because we eat a lot of them and use many in baking. I did buy my bread there, but I've begun baking my own bread because it's just so expensive to buy. We may end up buying it again one day but for now I'm making it.

I have also been trying to just go to the store once a week...if we run out of something we just have to wait, within reason. That has helped me to stick to our budget this month...but we are out of bananas, and that's driving me, well, BANANAS!

Thanks for your input. I have avoided BJ's for the last couple of weeks...but I will need to go back to get chicken (it's cheaper there) and maybe a couple of other things. However, we have limited funds if we're going to stay under budget, so I'm planning to have several meatless meals this week. Keep coming back and posting...it's nice to have some activity here!