Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

God's Answer to My Prayer.....

I woke up early this morning, and so thankful. God is a God who is in the details. I have believed this for quite a long time, but He still amazes me with how He answers something that seems trivial!

Last night was the used curriculum sale through our home school group. I had planned to be a seller at the event this year, but for a couple of different reasons was unable to. I attended as a buyer only. I really did not have anything specific I was looking for....had a couple of ideas for what I may want to look at if I saw it........went with a list from Corbin and Hailey for what they wanted. As I left our community I realized the money I had in my wallet was enough for anything I might find, but was in larger bills, so I decided to stop at Walmart to try and exchange them for smaller bills. I was not impressed with their helpfulness (add un to that!). After asking at the customer service desk and being directed to the money center, I was told they "can't do that". No explanation for why, and I did not have time to ask.

So, as I left the parking lot I said a prayer. I told the Lord that He knew if there was anything there that He wanted me to have and that He would need to make it possible despite my money dilemma.......you know these kinds of things often don't have change and all. I asked Him to please show me what He would have me buy.

At the first table I came to I was informed by the seller that it was mostly high school items. That was okay. Though I do not have a high schooler yet, I am getting in that mindset and beginning to think about what we'll do, because in another year Logan will be there. As I flipped through her selections I came to a book called Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+u+la by Barb Shelton. If you have read much of my other blog you know that I have been reading some books by her and recommended by her, as well as several books by Marilyn Howshall since the beginning of my home school career. The book was $5 so I immediately bought it.

I got several of the booklets by Marilyn Howshall at the end of our fist year of homeschooling, for free. I have been going back to them over and over throughout the last 5 years, reading about this Lifestyle of Learning, trying to get it into my head to be "led by the Spirit in your home school" as Marilyn says. Last year I bought some books from Barb Shelton (she's a huge supporter of the Howshall family and their 'approach' to learning). At the time I only got the ones pertaining to children up to age 12, thinking I would get some for the older ages later. Well, that's where this book fits in.....it is for middle and high school kids, showing how to use the Lifestyle of Learning and still create a transcript, etc. At the next table I visited I found several more booklets by Marilyn Howshall, including the main four that are called Wisdom's Way of Learning. Of course I bought them....for just a few dollars. I have felt that God was leading me to lean more towards this method of learning in our home school since the end of that first year. However, I have continuously gotten caught up in myself, my worries, and have no fully embraced it. Here He is though, answering my prayer and leading me straight to what He has for us. I need to listen! I will be spending time reading over these new booklets as well as the other ones I already have. I will also be perusing the Form+u+la book to get an idea for what I'll need to do for transcripts for the kids as they get older. I am so very excited! God is so good and He will lead us if we will only allow it. I know this is the right direction and I am so glad that He is so faithful.

I did find a few other books that I think the kids will enjoy, though not the ones on the list they sent with me......some science books, a craft book, one on horses, and a great visual guide of all things Star Wars.

One other thing that we were just talking about yesterday as a family was foreign language. We already have Rosetta Stone Spanish and Rosetta Stone Japanese....for myself and Karl, respectively. I said yesterday at dinner that the kids should learn both of those as well as American Sign Language. The older two were taking a class in New York at our co-op, and loving it, when we had to move. So what did I find? Instant Immersion American Sign Language on cd-rom! Is that amazing or what? It is not Rosetta Stone, but it doesn't matter. I am impressed with how God leads. I am thankful that He allowed me to see what He was doing.....not just a coincidence there.

I just had to share this morning. I hope you all will look for His leading today......He is there in the tiniest things.

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