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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yet MORE pictures...

Some of you know Karl is having surgery on his shoulder tomorrow. Please pray for us, as we want everything to go smoothly. Also, please keep me personally in prayer. We have no sitter available during the time of the surgery, so the kids will be going with us; I'll need your prayers in order to keep them busy and happy. ;p

Trying to finish our NYC trip today...

Trinity Church

'Ground Zero'...re-construction has begun, but there really are no words for how it felt to be there. These street vendors are all over the place in Manhattan. We did not buy from them but the food did smell good. We saw lots of these 'rickshaws' while in the city. It looked fun, but we didn't try it. Some of the prices I saw seemed awfully high! This picture of us was taken on top of the Rockefeller Tower, I think. I'll have to check with Karl to make sure I'm not mistaken. You can see the Empire State Building and the city behind us in the distance. No King Kong today. :) After many hours of walking on Friday, we were ready for dinner. We decided to find a Mexican restaurant, and were so glad we did. Cancun Mexican Grill on 8th Street is probably the best Mexican restaurant in which we've ever dined! It was very small, very loud, and seemingly very popular with the locals.The host was wonderful; he's been there for 20 years and he came by our table several times to inquire about our dining experience.

Below is a picture of our appetizer...green plantains (taste more like potatoes; ripe, or yellow, ones are sweeter) served with brown gravy. So delicious! Karl had Chorizo Casserole...something we'd never had nor heard of, but it was fabulous! I thought there was a picture of my dish :( but I guess I ate it too quickly for Karl to get a shot of it! I had Chicken Chimichangas, with beans and rice. I have to say the rice was absolutely decadent! (like my school words?) Usually, I like the rice, but it's a bit dry. This was perfectly seasoned and moist. My chimichangas were served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and that 'green stuff' (as my dad calls it) on top.

Here I am with our gracious host...I hope to go back and visit again. This guy was show-boating Friday night. Saturday morning we went to Carnegie Deli for breakfast, and it was very good. Eggs, corned-beef hash, and rye toast with coffee. It was enough for us to share and we still did not eat it all. Sorry, we were so ravenous we forgot to take a picture of that meal!

After breakfast, we didn't have much time left in the city. We had to get back to the hotel before 2:00 p.m. to get the truck. Check out was by 11:00 a.m that day, and we did that before leaving. They extended parking, but if we were not back and gone before 2, we could have been towed. We really didn't want to have to deal with that!

Anyway, in an effort to save time and be able to see more of Central Park, which was our final destination, we rented bikes. Here is Karl being the gentleman that he is, pushing both bikes. (There were some paths in the park where bikes were not allowed.)

There were lots of people in the park...many walking, many sunbathing, and some playing Frisbee or baseball. There were also many other bikers or joggers, and several 'rickshaws' with folks sightseeing. Even though the city is visible in this photo, it was very quiet in the park and did not seem as if we were in the largest city in the United States!
The final shot of the trip....taken through the windshield...we were almost home.We're very blessed to have been able to spend our weekend away. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for taking care of the kids.

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