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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Emma Grace!

I'm sure Wendy will be posting in more detail later, but I'm sure people are waiting for some pictures. Short story is everyone is doing well, and we hope to go home tomorrow.

Arrived 1 March, 2009

1:26 pm
7lbs, 12 oz
21 inches long


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma Grace Woerner!!
You ar absolutely beautiful! Momma and Daddy did good! I hope I get to meet you one day!!

Angela said...

She's just beautiful!! Hope little Emma and Wendy are feeling well.

Kara said...

She's beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!

Lisa said...

She is beautiful! I'm sure the kids will enjoy holding her.



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gracie! Welcome to our world! You were blessed with a wonderful family and we are thrilled for all of you. Love, Great Aunt Joanne.

StacyB said...

Welcome Emma Grace!
My friend also has an Emma Grace. And they call her Emma Grace.
I can't wait to meet your Emma Grace!
I bet all the big brothers and the big sister are delighted!

Michelle said...

She is just beautiful -- congratulations to ALL of you -- Wendy, Karl, Logan, Hailey, and Corbin!

D & J said...

OMG I cant believe how fast that went. LOL.. says the one that didnt go through all those months. CONGRATULATIONS!

Jen Campbell said...

Oh Congratulations Wendy & Karl :-) Emma! That's our baby's name too :-) It's a beautiful name... can't wait to meet her this baseball season :-) Take care and enjoy those precious moments with a newborn!!!